Storm Fire Solutions


What can Storm Fire Solutions offer you?

Storm Fire Solutions aims to be a market leader in the Fire Protection industry. As such we are always undertaking research and training to be able to offer our business partners a full range of testing and maintenance to a wide variety of Fire Protection equipment.

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Hydrant Systems

  • Booster Pumps

  • Pre-action Systems

  • Drencher Systems

  • Hose reel Systems

  • Water Mist Systems

  • Deluge Systems

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Lay Flat Hoses

  • Smoke and Fire Detection Systems

  • Vesda

  • EWIS

  • Gas Suppression Systems

  • Smoke Containment Systems

  • Warning Signs

  • Stair Pressurisation Systems

  • Fire Dampers

  • Foam Suppression Systems

  • Emergency & Exit Lighting

  • Fire Doors & Seals

  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures


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